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At Missouri Vein Care, we treat men and women every day whose lives are changed by the treatments they receive in our clinics. There are more people seeking treatment, and to be able to offer as many of them as possible the best care possible, we need you.

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Missouri Vein Care is an equal opportunity employer. 

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Clinic LPN

Missouri Vein Care is seeking a full time or part time staff to work in a procedure oriented office. Patients are very satisfied at their symptom resolution after treatment and staff are gratified to participate in the improvement in their health. Work duties include patient intake for office visits and consults, assisting in vein treatments in procedure rooms, perform vein screens, perform phone triage and phone follow up and answer patient questions. Staff rotate to clinics at Columbia, Rolla and Jefferson City. Training occurs on site over several weeks.

Full-time or Part Time $20.00 – $28.00 per hour