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Health Tips for

Preventing Vein Conditions

Elevate your legs when resting

Raising your legs above your heart gives your veins a well-deserved break by allowing gravity to assist in returning blood.

Mild Leg Excercise

Mild exercise utilizes your leg muscles as “muscle pumps”, assisting the veins in pushing blood back toward your heart.

Don't Sit for Extended Periods

Long periods of inactivity, like car or plane trips, can cause blood to pool in the lower extremities.

Avoid Standing for Extended Periods

Remember, gravity pulls blood downward when standing, putting extra pressure on veins.

Massage Your Legs at the End of the Day

This produces many of the same benefits as mild exercise by assisting in blood circulation.

Wear Graduated Compression Stockings

Juzo graduated compression stockings are specially designed to help leg veins maintain their resiliency. These stockings offer comfortable support.